These are some of the Specials of Independent Escort Pattaya for you, If you have any other requests, let me know.


For lesbian girls and women, it is often very difficult to find a trustworthy escort with whom they can relax and be themselves while having a wonderful time enjoying their sexuality and fulfilling their desires.

I love seeing lesbian and bisexual women and I am bi-sexual my self. Two women together understand each other’s bodies and know what matters and what feels good and what does not.

Often women love to take it slow,  building up their energy. Taking more time for this than a man would.


It can be so exciting and liberating to live out your fantasies in a threesome. For men, this can be with two girls and for women, it can be with a man and a woman or with two women.

Before you arrange a threesome think about what you like to do. Let me know your wishes and desires and we put a nice and relaxing scenario together although many things just come together spontaneously.


I participate in a limited way in role play. Unfortunately, in the past, I have received some extreme requests and my answer to those is a clear no.

But I am very happy to fulfil nice role play wishes like the police lady, the cleaner and the secretary etc

It is always best to communicate your wishes well in advance so we can discuss what is possible and inside my limits. This way there are never misunderstandings for both of us.


I do a little bit of tie and tease but nothing that is connected to any form of SM. I am happy to blindfold you and or use handcuffs for a bit of extra excitement, possibly in combination with role play. I charge 2,000 THB on top of a normal booking for this form of cute entertainment.

Please let me know well in advance if you like to use this service and tell me what you would like to do. Enjoy!

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